Ellie, Laurel & Alison 1 & 2 (D56, D57)

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Two of these beauties are at home and bored with reading magazines in Alison's bedroom. When Ellie comes home to the flat Alison & Laurel decide to see if their flatmate might just be a "girls girl"- as they suspect. Student photographer Ellie is taking glamour pictures of Laurel but their photo session turns into a more serious affair. When Alison comes home & joins in the trio is complete. It gives you an idea of how a photo shoot goes when I'm taking the shots. Minidress, skirts, tops, pussy licking, hold-ups, thongs, stockings & suspenders, panties, tights, pussy licking & fingerfun, French knickers, toys, sound.

Starring: Alison, Ellie, Laurel

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