Help & FAQs

How do I Find What I Want

Are you looking for a particular product? A particular title, girl, or ‘look’?

To search for an item, you can:

Item Search

There are two places where searches can be performed.

There are five quick searches in the left hand column of every page as well a search
page which has further search options.

Simply enter your search criteria into the correct boxes and click the go button.

You can also search using an age range or within a category.

Your search results will be shown on the results page with information about the item
and thumbnail pictures if any are available.

If your search produces many results then they will be display over many pages which
can be navigated to using the Previous and Next buttons near the bottom of the page.


Browsing the item within the site could not simpler. As well as searching for items, as described above, you can use two other methods.

Firstly there is a list of categories in the left hand column. A list of items will be
shown by clicking on one the names.

There is also full DVDlisting which is accessed by clicking the DVD’s tab in the
menu at top.

On any list page where there are too many items to show on a single page, Previous and Next buttons will be provided near the bottom of the page.

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How do I order?

Once you have found the item that you wish to purchase click the ‘Add’ button and it will be placed into the basket.

The basket is shown in the left hand column where you can see all the items that you have entered into the basket as well as the quantity. The item price and total price is also shown as well as having a delete button next to each item.

Once you order is complete you can click on the ‘Go To Checkout’ link underneath the basket total on the left hand side or from the basket page itself.

This will take you to our secure server where you enter your address details and card

When you have completed all the details click the ‘Confirm Order’ button at the bottom of the page to display the order summary. At this point the order has still not being submitted so you can always continue shopping and add further items in the basket.

If your order complete and you have entered your details correctly then click the ‘Submit Order’ button for your order to be place into the system. You will now be presented with an ‘Order Number’ which you should keep and use within any correspondence regarding your order.

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How long will it take?

All orders are normally shipped the same day we received the order, then it’s down to the postal service. Two to three days seems to be the norm.

How much will P&P cost?

Shipping is free, wherever you are in the world.

What will my package look like, and how will it be labelled?

Your order will be shipped in plain packaging.

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Overseas Customers

All credit cards will be billed in US dollars and then converted into your own currency at the current rate of exchange. For those outside the USA fluctuations in exchange rates may mean that the price displayed may be very slightly different on your credit card statement.

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DVD Formats

All titles are available in NTSC format (U.S.A.,Canada,Japan). For those customers outside the NTSC area (Europe,Australia, New Zealand etc)  titles are available in PAL format.

Titles are NOT available in SECAM.

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We are unable to exchange items that are not damaged, defective or incorrect. Goods are not sent on approval, do not send them back asking for alternative titles.

Click here to find out what to do if you have received a damaged, defective or incorrect item). Click on the links below to find out how to return your item:

How do I return items?

If for any reason you need to return goods to me you should first write, email or fax me and tell me what the problem is. I will then let you know which address to return them to.

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Where’s my Order

Please allow 28 days from the date of your order for delivery.

If your order has not arrived within this time please contact us at [email protected]

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Credit Cards

What keeps my credit card info secure?

To keep your credit card safe, the UK Pro Adult web site is connected to your browser through a secure, encrypted connection. You can tell a secure web page from two things: the URL begins with “https” instead of “http”, and the little padlock logo located on the status bar of your browser.

Additionally, your credit card is processed offline so your credit card number is
never stored online, eliminating the chance anything falling into the hands of hackers.

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How do I contact UK Pro Adult?

If you have any questions, you can always write or email us.


[email protected]


UK Pro Adult
1746F S Victoria Ave
CA 93003

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